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For proper teen skin care, especially for treating and preventing teen acne, look no further than the dedicated specialists at Spa Buzios.

At Spa Buzios we are committed to helping teens and young women develop lifelong, healthy skin care regimens to bring out and maintain their natural beauty. In particular, the professional estheticians at Spa Buzios have dedicated themselves to help teens and young women prevent and treat acne.

Teen Skin Care & Facial Treatments

A pimple, blemish or a bad skin day is enough to ruin an otherwise perfect day. A spotty complexion may cause low self esteem, teasing, and a lifetime of insecurities. Your early teens are prime time to start loving your body, looking after yourself, and paying attention to your complexion. A proper regimen—cleansing, toning, and moisturizing—is the easiest way to begin, and the occasional spot treatment and teen-specific facial doesn’t hurt either.

Buzios Teen Ultimate Acne Treatment Facial (30 Minutes)                 $30 | $40

These tailored treatments cater to your specific skin type and include: steaming, double cleansing, extractions (when needed) exfoliation, mask, face and upper body massage. See Facial Treatment Options below for more details.

Buzios Tean MicroZone Facial Treatments (20 Minutes)                    $25 | $35

Microzone Dermalogica treatments are 20 minute zone targeted treatment solutions that address teen-specific issues such as breakouts, clogged pores, and the need for exfoliation. These are not frilly “pampering” treatments – we get down to business with these quick-paced, focused treatments to get you the best results, for the least amount of money. Believe me, your parents and your pocketbook will thank us! 

Choose From These 6 Teen MicroZone Treatments:
  1. Flash Exfoliation
  2. Eye Rescue
  3. Lip Renewal
  4. Blackhead Relief
  5. Rapid Spot Clearing
  6. Hand Repair


Treating  & Preventing Teen Acne

In the past, acne was treated with gross and goopy creams or superstitions, few of which did anything to help.  But now, top teen skin care specialists at Spa Buzios in Roswell have new, modern and permanent ways of treating acne.

Fortunately for those who suffer from acne, Spa Buzios offers variety of skin care treatments specifically developed to address the needs of teen girls and young women. With the help of a useful skin care regimen and certain acne treatment techniques, you can become acne-free.

Causes of Teen Acne

Contrary to some theories, chocolate, french fries and dirt do not cause teenage acne. Instead, acne is caused by a combination of factors, some of which teens cannot control. Teen acne is caused by the same factors as adult acne: overactive oil glands, clogged pores and in certain cases, bacteria.